Wednesday, May 02, 2007

In which I ponder a grilled cheese sandwhich

Ever since Fox cancelled Arrested Development, and Scrubs jumped the shark somewhere at the end of season 5, 30 Rock has been the shimmer of light in the vast, murky waters of unfunny, and cliched TV comedies. So needless to say, I am saddened by the news of Alec Baldwin's intended resignation over the irate message left on his daughter's cellphone.

Taking Alec Baldwin out of 30 Rock is like taking the cheese out of a grilled cheese sandwich.

Do you know what it's like eating a grilled cheese sandwich without the cheese?

Well, now we get to find out. Thank you media of America, once again you manage to make mountains out of molehills, and turn actual mountains into convoluted and inaccurate piles of crap.


marydell said...

This news is so sad. Honestly, who's worse? Alec Baldwin for privately freaking out at his kid or the person who released the recording to the media? It's a shame how we are so incapable of leaving public figures' private lives alone.

CChen said...

I totally agree with you, Mary. It's frustrating how something like this can be blown way out of proportion. And it's infuriating how newscasters act like they are judge, jury, and executioner on news like this.

Anonymous said...

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