Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Things will continue to be slow here, as I am in the middle of a career change and a relocation. The good news is that I will finally be working with books (if someone is willing to hire me *cross fingers*). The bad news is of course that I will be making a lot less money in a more expensive city.

Still, who cares? I will be working with books!

Anyways, I hope to pick up this blog again in full force when everything gets settled in the next 3-4 months.

In other news, I am currently reading Joy William's The Quick and the Dead. Joy Williams is an author that a was recommended by a very close friend. It's funny how our tastes, which were very different when we were younger, have converged.

The Quick and the Dead manages to be one of the funniest, and yet most evicerating and painful books I have ever read. It's wonderful, strange, and should have won the Pulitzer that it was nominated for.

That's it for now, I will be back in due time.


visionbird said...

Sounds exciting! good luck,


CChen said...

Thank you Dana! Hopefully this will go well =).

Stephanie said...

hey cindy! I'm so glad you like The Quick and the Dead, and you're completely right about the "eviscerating humor." I need to pick it up again at some point. It's one of those books you can enjoy over and over.

Btw, I was in the bookstore yesterday and found Kelly Link's Magic for Beginners. I loved the "Faery Handbag" story! I've ordered the book from amazon.com. Thanks so much for the recommendation, b/c I didn't think I'd like anyone else after Joy Williams. Take care and let me know how everything turns out!

Anonymous said...

Hey Steph, I'm so happy you liked the book and Kelly Link. I also really liked "Stone Animals" and "Lull". I think it's one of the strongest collections I've read all year. Happy Reading! Can't wait to discuss the stories with you at some point.