Thursday, February 15, 2007


I'm taking a hiatus from leisure reading, to reread those couple of novels that I'm suppose to review for

So I'll be taking a little time on this post to gripe about my favorite subject: my inability to find people in this city that are interested in genre-defying sci-fi/fantasy (new wave fabulist, slipstream, new weird, fantastic fiction, and so on and so forth).

I understand partially the reason why I can't find people who like this stuff is my inability to coin a term that describes it properly. I guess that's the whole point.

Finally, last year, I went to a meeting run by the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society in an attempt to meet people who had read some of my favorite authors. The group was great: fun, warm, and intelligent; but when someone pulled out a list of things wrong with the science of a particular novel, I knew that I wouldn't necessarily find what I was looking for here. I keep on thinking, there has to be one other person in my city that loves what I read. I keep my fingers crossed that I will meet that person. =)


David U. said...

Well, I'm one other person that reads the same things.

CChen said...

Yes but you don't count, cause you are my other half, so technically we're one person.

Scary isn't it^____^.

visionbird said...

Well I hope there are other people who like to read this kind of genre-breaking stuff! There certainly should be more of us...


CChen said...

I know! I keep on trying to generate interest, but so many people, especially well-read people, discrimnate against genre fiction or fiction with genre roots.

It's frustrating, because I feel people are missing some fantastic writing by doing this.

Thank goodness for the online community! Otherwise I would not have a chance to talk to people like us =).


visionbird said...

I agree! I find I'm hanging out with a lot of science people, because they don't turn up their noses at speculative works and are often really imaginative people.

by the way, happy Valentine's Day to you two sweet hearts!


CChen said...

Aww Dana, thank you, and back at you too!