Sunday, November 19, 2006

Guilt and the Holidays

The problem with being an obsessive bibliophile is that around the holidays, most people decide that the perfect gift for you is a book. This is true.

The problematic aspect of this however, is that for someone who has acquired over 200 books in the last couple of months, and who's only likely to treat herself to more around the holidays, the unread pile is beginning to resemble what I would like to call a guilt-monster (imagine a 12-ft pile of books that taunts you and you'd be on the right track).

I find myself slinking past my bookshelf, averting the accusing stares that I imagine emanating from my books. Lately, they've resorted to muttering criticisms while I sleep in an effort to lower my self-esteem.

It's not the best of relationships.

The only way to resolve the problem is to diminish the pile as soon as possible. Of course now that I am an 'adult'--- and I use the word in the loosest sense possible, I have obligations around the holidays that stand in direct conflict of my goals.

I wonder how well "please stop bothering me, I must vanquish the book monster before it casts its hate-rays once more in my direction" would go down with the family?

Probably not as well as I'd imagine. . .

Happy Holidays.


Jeremy said...

so, I'm on the plane and this girl is sitting next to me and it turns out that not only had she gone to penn, but that she was a member of the class of '06. we're talking for a while and somehow blogs come up:

her: blogs are st00pid. I don't read them

me: au contraire. my roommate and his girlfriend have a book review blog and it is at least occasionally sometimes maybe worth reading

her: I'd like a blog like that


so, do you guys give me money now or something?

CChen said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence, we can't compete with "stuff on your cat", but we try.^_^

Don't know about money, but next time I meet someone who may need a doctor in the future, I'll make sure your name pops up.^_^

Btw, I've always wanted to use au contraire in a sentence...guess you beat me to it.