Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Best Place To Read

It's interesting to note, that for me, reading is a solitary activity. I like to either do it alone, or in a bookstore or library among strangers. Because if you put me in a room with someone I know, I just can't concentrate. It's almost as if I can't faze out the world enough because somewhere in the back of my head, I keep reminding myself that I should be socializing. Maybe it's an only child thing.

For me the best way to read is on a train while traveling somewhere. It's wonderful to glance up and observe the changing scenery while contemplating the words on the page. Of course noise-cancelling headphones are crucial, since otherwise you will have to spend most of your time blocking out some whiny person who can't seem to break contact with their cellphone or understand the social ettiquete of using a lower register. Still if you have never experienced reading on a train while traveling, I would highly recommend it. I think my perfect vacation would include traveling around Europe in a train with a couple of good books. . . Nice thoughts to have when I'm stuck in my office in Philadelphia.

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Passeggero di Vita said...

I could not agree more. I cannot seem concentrate on my book if someone I know is around me. but sometimes it's pretty hard to read on a train as well because of the noise. To me, toilets are the best place to read. They seem to made for the purpose. haha. Don't mind my disgusting thoughts.