Thursday, January 31, 2008


It's a busy time for me. I have picked up my review duties at, and will also be reviewing a book for LT Early Reviewer. I'm really happy to be doing this. I think it'll get me back into the grove of thinking and writing about books. Here's what's to come.

The Shadow Year
- Jeff Ford (I'm having a minor crisis with getting the book delivered to the right address, that's what you get for moving 3 times a year. Can you believe that I have moved something like 9 times in the past two or three years?) So hopefully I will get my copy. I love Jeff Ford, so I'm really looking forward to this one.

Matter - Iain M. Banks: His new Culture novel; reviewing this one should be fun, although I have to say Player of Games was not nearly as good as everyone said it would be. I think the gold standard will always be Use of Weapons. But Culture novels are always a fun read, and this one has an incredibly complicated plot, which is never a bad thing for a Banks novel. I feel sorry for the poor marketers that had to write the synopsis though. It's pretty garbled...

The Uses of Enchantment - Heidi Julavits: I have wanted to read this for a while. I may not get a review copy, but I'll eventually check it out from the library , so one way or another I will try to write something about this book.

The View from Castle Rock - Alice Munro: I love Alice Munro, and I think it will be interesting experience to write a review for one of her short story collections.

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