Saturday, February 03, 2007

Animal Others

One of the Christmas presents I received last year from Cindy, was this great book on animals from a continental philosophy perspective, Animal Others: On Ethics, Ontology, and Animal Life. I haven't managed to read most of the essays; continental philosophy is the kind of writing that I have to wade through very slowly and patiently, constantly looking up references and terminology (although the prose is much more colorful than the mostly dry and straightforward analytic writing, typically). I'll post more about the essays and the book in general soon but for know I'll leave you with a quotation included in the essay "Animals, Becoming" by Lynda Birke and Luciana Parisi.

"If you wish to know why there are disasters
of armies and people in the world,
listen to the piteous cries
from the slaughterhouse at midnight."

(Ancient Chinese verse)

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