Friday, December 08, 2006

Random Mumblings - Love Actually, and violence towards my mail

The holidays always makes me think of Love Actually, one of only a couple of movies geared towards women that my cynical little head will allow me to watch without quipping "yeah right", or "like hell", every two minutes or so.

It's not that the movie reflects reality better than others in its genre----unless men and women are just made completely differently over in England. But it's got enough quirkiness, a good soundtrack, and a certain awareness of its own fantasy that makes it much more bearable than other 'chick flicks'. And let's face it, Closer, which reflects quite accurately how love actually works (at least some of the time), just doesn't give you the same warm and fuzzy feeling.

Love Actually is a beautiful movie to watch because it's pure make-believe, something we need to indulge in once in a while, especially around the holidays. Like the holidays, its a break from the world we live in, into the world that we would like to live in.

On a completely different note, I don't know if the postal people are just a lot busier around the holidays (or a lot grumpier), but every package I have ordered thus far has come to me completely smashed in on one side. I haven't thought much about this until this morning when I received a book in an thick envelope that was completely ripped open on one side. It seems to me that a lot would have to happen 'accidentally' for it to arrive like this. I wonder if someone is playing kick ball with my mail. I don't think I could blame them, the holidays being the way they are. Still making an mental note not to order anything fragile online.

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