Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Notes to Self

It's close to the beginning of the New Year, and I am no where close to finishing my autumn reading list. The problem lies partially in the fact that I have completely ignored the pact I made with myself to put a hold on buying books until I've finished my list. There was a Barnes and Noble Classics sale that I couldn't pass up, and the Amazon orders that I made without even thinking about my pact, and of course the books that were sent to me for review.

All in all, I don't even want to make a list of the unread books in my apartment because I think I may get a headache. So I'm making a couple of notes to self to keep me on track in the new year.

  • Pay off your fines, and start actually using your library card. After all it seems that your taste in books is completely off kilter when compared to the general public, so there's no point in shelling out 14 bucks everytime something hits the bestsellers list. Case in point: You were so unimpressed with Mark Haddon's The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time that you have actually considered using it as a doorstop.

  • Books = dead weight, something your going to bemoan when you have to move once again. So unless you think that book you are coveting is going become out of print before you move into a real house, don't even think about it.

  • Have you noticed that everytime you get a new book you have to rearrange everything? Even though almost all the furniture in your apartment aside from the bed and the couch serves as some sort of bookshelf? That is in addition to the 3 bookshelfs you already have? And have you noticed that still, you have to keep some of the books in piles in your chairs and on your windowsills? You know people have been buried alive in books right?

  • Books are for reading, and the TBR/read ratio is making a mockery of you.

  • Finish a book, please for goodness sakes, finish a book!!!

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