Monday, October 23, 2006

The Prestige - Go See it

I highly recommend The Prestige as the movie to see this year. As someone who was highly disappointed by the book her freshman year of college, I simply cannot believe how beautifully Jonathan and Christopher Nolan pieced together the plot from the book to make this exquisitely detailed movie.

Be on the lookout for my piece about why this movie was the best this year. I submitted it to Blogcritics, so it should be posted by Thursday or Friday morning. In the meantime, go see the movie!!!


Robert Ropars said...

I thought this film was fantastic (never read the book) and I am definitely going to see it again because I'm sure I missed stuff. I loved Memento and Batman Begins and it's nice to see the same group together again before they start Batman-The Dark Knight. And of course anything with Scarlett Johansen.

But this (like Memento) is one of those films you keep thinking about and remembering new things. I just now realized why Christian Bale can't remember which knot he tied during the Piper (why can't anyone let her star in a full movie-forgive her for Coyote Ugly people) Perabo accident.

And I like movies that start and end with someone plainly telling you what is about to happen and you go and even though you know it's hard to keep up.

Have you seen "Primer" a low budget indie time-travel film? It was a film show cause celebre a few years ago-saw it on DVD and it's one you don't soon forget and repeated viewings are mandatory.

Or for that matter Christian Bale's other creepy one "The Machinist" which he did right before "Batman Begins" and lost a ton of weight by living on coffee and cigarettes and went too far down so by the end he's almost unwatchable-then beefed up to be Batman-making himself sick in the process.

CChen said...

Thanks for the recommendations Robert.

I have not seen the Primer, but will definitely try to see it. I have seen the Machinist, and was also fascinated with Bale's extreme dedication to his art.

Interesting point your brought up about the knot in The Prestige, I hadn't thought about that.

Also look for The Exec, its the another movie that the Nolan brothers have signed on to do.