Monday, October 30, 2006

End of The Year Movies

The end of this year looks surprisingly promising when it come to movies that I would actually shell out 11 bucks to see. The Fountain, Stranger Than Fiction, and now Children of Men.
Two of these are science fiction/fantasy, and the other is a pic about metafiction. It's good to note that Hollywood has caught on to the fact that controlled experimentation is not a bad thing.

Hopefully at least one of these will be as satisfying to watch as The Prestige.

Btw if A History of Violence did not exist as a film, the world would be a finer place. David and I finally sat down to watch this crap of a movie. What a waste of time and money. The wretched self-indulgent direction, meandering and unbelievable plot, and laughable acting by some of the supporting actors make this the most overrated movie I've seen this year.

And as annoying as Dakota Fanning is to my general sensibilities, I have to now conceed that I would still rather have her as the child in every goddamn movie, then to see another little girl botch it up so badly that for the rest of the movie, I have a hard time pretending that they aren't actors on a set.

And the sex scenes...don't even get me started on how hard we laughed when the director explained how necessary the gangster sex scene was to the plot.

Oh and was anyone slightly skeptical of the b-budget scenes of Viggo in the Philly mansion? Bigshot mobster tries to kill unarmed brother but fails because conveniently for Viggo he's only asked 3 or 4 other goons to be on his estate. The fact that this film was nominated for ANYTHING is a sign that our awards system is decided by a bunch of pretentious, self-congratulating dolts who stand around nibbling things that our Neanderthal ancestors wouldn't touch with an end of stick and debating whether the cup of shit that they have been invited to look at is “art” or just aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

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