Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Richard Bowes: There's a Hole in the City

There is a great Richard Bowes story on titled "There's a Hole in the City". It's a post-9/11 narrative that begins a day after the attacks on the towers. I don't know if the appeal of the story increases in proportion to your familiarity with New York City. Nonetheless, its very effective and packs some good jolts. Here's an enticing quote from the story,

I was in a hurry when I went off duty Saturday evening. A friend had called and invited me to an impromptu "Survivors' Party." In the days of the French Revolution, The Terror, that's what they called the soirees at which people danced and drank all night then went out at dawn to see which of their names were on the list of those to be guillotined.

There's a Hole in the City

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