Thursday, July 06, 2006


I’m barely able to contain my excitement, as I write this entry, since David and I have decided to make a trip to Boston this weekend. Never mind that I’ve never been on the highway for more than 2 hours tops (it takes 6 hours to get to Boston) and that the AC in my car is broken, and that we have no place to stay when we get there…

Now why, you ask, would anyone want to do that?

Answer: Readercon! Readercon is a literary forum for science-fiction/fantasy, speculative, fantastical, slipstream, whatever you want to call it, fiction. The convention focuses on the discussion, writing, and reading of such books (droooool). There is no cosplay (I have to admit that I’m a little relieved by this, fat elves in tiny costumes---although very entertaining---nevertheless make me slightly nervous) or other things that often mark science fiction conventions. And the authors that are attending! The plethora of people that I read and admire makes me feel somewhat giddy. Simply put, it’s the Holy Grail of conventions for me.

Of course there are the technical issues that we still have to deal with since we are wholly unprepared for such a trip. Not to mention this will be our first convention, so we're both slightly nervous. But somehow I have convinced David that it is a good idea for us to drive up to Boston for the weekend and camp out in the car (after all we’re only young and broke once) and he agrees, angel that he is. So we’re ready to set off on our high adventure, never mind that past the first day, we may smell a bit. And seeing as how we will be spending a decent amount of quality time in the car, I will have plenty of time to write about the weekend. So stay tuned for postings and pictures on Monday of our high adventures, and see whether we make it there and back in one piece.

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