Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I have just finished K J Bishop’s Etched City, and have been sitting here wondering how to write a review for this work. Every time I sit down to begin, I find myself holding back, wanting not to prejudice the reader with any stereotypical description of the book (failing since I have already likened it to the Dark Tower series by Stephen King).

The problem with reviews, when not done well or when done too well, is that it leads readers to form opinions before actually reading the book---a habit that I find to be limiting to what we as readers choose to read, and then how we choose to read it. However, with no review at all, I doubt if any of you will actually pick up this book, so instead of writing one of my own, I have decided to shirk the responsibility and link you to what I thought was the fairest review out of the several that I had discovered on the internet. I think it leaves to be said, if you like fiction at all, this book should be one to consider highly on your list of things to read.

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