Saturday, April 29, 2006

Favorite Children's Books

Because my list of favorite books for kids is going to be really long, I have decided to post it in several segments. So here’s the first part. Tell me what you liked as a child, and I’ll include it on the next post!

1) The Westing Game – Ellen Raskin
Old Sam Westing is dead! Sixteen heirs have been collected for his estate. Is it a coincidence that they all live in Sunset Towers across the lake from the old Westing mansion? And what about the accusations old Westing is making beyond the grave? Did one of his heirs really murder him? Ellen Raskin is the one of the best mystery writer for children out there. What surprises me is that the book is no less delightful to me as an adult. If you were not lucky enough to read this as a child, its not too late! Also makes a great gift for a child…if you can pry their little hands off the remote control/video game controller/cellphone.

2) The Twenty-One Balloons – William Pene du Bois
Professor William Waterman Sherman has finally retired from a life of teaching tiresome schoolboys. Now he wants to spend a year up in a hot air balloon traveling the globe. He starts out in the Atlantic with one balloon, but ends up in the Pacific, thirty days later with twenty-one balloons! People who watch/are obsessed with Lost should read this book. Why you ask? Read it and find out!!

3) The Phantom Tollbooth – Norton Juster
Get into the Phantom Tollbooth and leave your drab and dreary life for the realm of Dictionopolis. At least that’s what Milo does one boring, rainy afternoon. What’s not to love? Going on a quest to save Rhyme and Reason with you best pal, Tock the watchdog is my idea of the perfect afternoon.

4) Harry Potter – J.K. Rawling
Figured that if I didn’t mention this, a couple of you would probably beat me to death with your magic wands while chanting "die blasphemous muggle, die!".

5) The Encyclopedia Brown Series – Donald J. Sobol
Best mystery/puzzle books that I can remember from childhood. Much better way to spend the afternoon than reading one of those choose-your-adventure books. If you have the complete set and would like to sell them, talk to me!

6) Sideways Stories from Wayside School – Louis Sachar
I loved Wayside school!!!! Its weird how as a kid you don’t realize how odd and demented some of these stories were.

7) Bright Shadow – Avi
This book poses incredibly somber issues to children. What would you do if you were made the guardian of three wishes? What if there was a catch? This book had a powerful impact on me as a child. Avi always provides a great read.

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